I recently had the privilege of spending time with a friend’s mother, Charlotte, who is 92 years young. A retired school teacher, she is still sharp as a whip! She told me that her favorite thing in the world to do is to light some candles and take a long, hot bath. Even though Charlotte still enjoys taking walks, she does have a hard time getting in and out of a traditional tub. This meant she had to say goodbye to her relaxing baths, fortunately, not for long! Knowing how important baths were to her mom, Charlotte’s daughter Kathie, did some research, and found out about walk in tubs. Bath Planet carries an extensive line of safe, dependable products that will help you regain your bathing independence for good.

Forget about trying to keep your balance while stepping into a traditional tub. With a walk-in tub all you need to do is open the tub door and relax. Our low threshold helps people like Charlotte step in without having to lift their legs to balance. Our dual massage system surrounds your body with the penetrating deep muscle massage of a water hydrotherapy bath and the soothing effervescence of an air bath. By infusing the water with heated air, you’ll enjoy a warm, calming bath that will leave you refreshed and relaxed. Of course, all of our walk-in tubs come with a ADA compliant seat makes getting up or down easy. Plus they have a built-in safety bar and a slip resistant floor that provides safety and peace of mind.

Bath Planet is a leader in the industry because we only use the thickest acrylic material possible. Our goal is for you and your loved ones to remain independent and pampered at an affordable price. Many satisfied customers, like Charlotte, tell us they love our product more than their old bathtub! We are so confident you’ll love it too, we offer a lifetime warranty. Charlotte says, not only did our product allow her to take her baths, it allowed her to stay in her home and out of a nursing home. Not bad for 92!

Bath Planet is a premier national bath remodeling company, with a selection of walk-in bathtubsbath liners, and  shower liners. We can remodel your bathroom in as little as one day.