Wouldn’t a nice, relaxing shower be perfect every morning? Well now it can be. And it’s easier than you think! Many homeowners start their day in a shower that is old, moldy, or cracked. Why? The biggest reason is that they fear that doing any kind of updating will take weeks on end and have their bathrooms ripped apart! Not the case thanks to [location]. We are proud to have changed the bathroom remodeling industry with fast, affordable, convenient and gorgeous bathrooms! So open the bathroom for business and invest in a value-adding home improvement.

Here at Bath Planetwe have a complete line of both quality and affordable heavy duty, acrylic shower system solutions that can be customized to any bathroom or budget. With our replacement shower bases, shower enclosures and wall surrounds, there is a perfect solution to fit your needs.

Our product is the strongest, most durable product you will find and are custom molded to fit perfectly over your old, unattractive shower base. We use cutting edge manufacturing technology which means we can go over any size shower base, and guarantee a perfect watertight fit!

In most cases, installation is completed in one day by the same professional, certified installer. That means no lengthy bathroom remodeling projects! In most cases, you can have the shower you’ve always wanted in one day!

What makes our product a standout is that they are:

  • Scratch resistant
  • Chip resistant
  • Stain and fade resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Non porous
Bath Planetis a leader in the bathroom remodeling industry because we offer the highest quality products at an affordable price. We're not embarrassed to say it, our products are superior because we don’t skimp on quality. Let the experts at Bath Planettransform your bathroom today.

Bath Planetis proud to offer the highest quality products in the industry at an affordable price. We would love to come out and give you a free custom solution plan for your bathroom.