Years ago, growing older meant that once we reached a certain age we would need to put our homes on the market and move to a nursing home or an assisted living center. The main reasons had to do with our ability to take care of ourselves. More specifically, our ability to bathe on our own without a caregiver to help us. Wow. This is a life changing issue that affects every homeowner once they start to experience mobility issues. For some people, it could mean that their vision isn't what it once was and a slippery bathroom can be a very dangerous place. Others have a harder time balancing. This means that getting in and out of a traditional high threshold bathtub can be extremely scary and downright dangerous!

So if this is what you or your loved one is experiencing you better pack up and get to a nursing home quickly, right? WRONG! Not anymore, thanks to Bath Planet and our life changing step-in tub. For those who have struggled to get in and out of a standard tub, our step-in tubs are the perfect solution to help you eliminate fear and regain your bathing independence. Simply put, our step-in tubs are the perfect bathtubs for elderly, mobility challenged or disabled people. You no longer have to worry about trying to keep your balance while stepping into a traditional tub. With our super low threshold, all you need to do is open the tub door and relax. It's as simple and safe as that!

Here at Bath Planet, we want to help each and every homeowner get their bathing independence back. Something as personal and simple as taking a bath should be something every homeowner should be able to do on their own.In the privacy and comfort of their own home, whenever they want and not on somebody else's schedule! We are trusted leaders in the industry because we offer the highest quality products at an affordable price and because we treat every homeowner with dignity and respect. The way we would want our own family treated.

Here at Bath Planet, our mission is to give you or your loved one back their bathing independence safely and with dignity. Just because you have a mobility issue doesn't mean you have to give up your relaxing baths! That was the reality years ago. Not anymore. Bath Planet is dedicated to giving homeowners a safe option to stay in their homes. We know you will absolutely fall in love with our product and the independence it gives you which is why we stand behind it with a lifetime warranty.