My grandmother, Viola passed away several years ago at the age of 94. When she first starting having mobility issues she took a hard fall in her garage. She didn't have a monitoring system, so the fall meant she spent the night alone and cold on the hard cement floor of her garage until my Aunt Linda found her. She recuperated after about two months. After that, she slipped on her bathroom floor. You have to go back in time with me, because this all happened several years ago. Because my grandma could not bathe herself anymore and just wasn't steady on her feet, off she went to a nursing home. No, she didn't want to go, but back then my aunt didn't have many options. I am happy to report that Bath Planet changed all that!

No matter what mobility issue you or your loved one is faced with, Bath Planet can help you get your bathing independence back. For some people,  their vision isn't what it once was and a slippery bathroom can be a very dangerous place. Others, have a hard time balancing on one foot which makes getting in and out of a traditional high threshold bathtub scary and hazardous.  Not anymore, thanks to Bath Planet and our high quality products.

Many of our happy customers tell us our walk-in tub changed their life. If you or your loved one has a hard time getting in and out of a standard tub,  our walk-in tub is the perfect solution to help you eliminate fear and regain your bathing independence. Our walk-in tubs are the perfect bathtubs for elderly, mobility challenged or disabled. Forget about trying to keep your balance while stepping into a traditional tub. With our super low threshold, all you need to do is open the tub door and relax.


Here at Bath Planet, our goal is to help each and every one of our homeowners hold on to their bathing independence, safely and with dignity.  We know you will absolutely love our high quality and affordable product which is why we stand behind it with a Bath Planet lifetime warranty. Gone are the days when mobility issues meant you had to go off to a nursing home or get help bathing. Bath Planet changed all that by giving homeowners back their bathing independence. Safely and with dignity.