No one will dispute the fact that the changes that occur with aging are not pleasant. When mobility issues start to rear their ugly head a person's independence is all of a sudden threatened or taken away. Just like that. The simple act of taking a bath or shower independently is now a scary and downright dangerous. Mobility problems may be unsteadiness while walking, difficulty getting in and out of a chair, bathtub, or repeated falls. Muscle weakness, joint problems, pain, disease, and neurological (brain and nervous system) difficulties are all other symptoms of mobility issues. A very difficult and painful part of the aging process.

The number one mobility problem that older people experience is falls, especially in the bathroom. Falls result in broken bones and bruises and often are the last straw before the talk of moving into a nursing home comes up. Bathrooms are the number one place where falls occur in the home. It's slippery and foggy and it's very difficult for people with mobility problems to balance on one foot to get in and out of a traditional tub. Here at Bath Planet, we have made it our mission to help those with mobility issues regain their bathing independence. Safely.

We want those with mobility issues to know that remodeling your bathroom into a handicap accessible bathroom is not a difficult process like it used to be. Here at Bath Planet, we offer an extensive line of safe, dependable products that will assist you in converting your space into a handicap accessible bathroom. Many of our satisfied homeowners tell us they can't believe that in one day they gained their bathing independence back. Whether its a tub-to-shower conversion, step-through inserts, or barrier-free shower base, we can help you convert your bathroom into a safe space.

Our handicap accessible bathroom does NOT look like a hospital bathroom. They look like gorgeous, spa like retreats that WILL allow you to shower and bathe in safely and independently. Here at Bath Planet, we are proud of our reputation as one of the trusted leaders in the industry. We've earned our reputation by offering high quality products at fair and honest prices. We hope you will trust us to help you or your loved one regain your bathing independence.