If your bathtub isn’t inviting to say the least, we here at Bath Planet want to give you a tub you love to soak in. If you don’t love baths, then we want to give you a tub you are proud to show off! Instead of doing everything in your power to cover up and hide. Hoping no one opens the shower door or curtain. You know the feeling! Bath Planet is KING when it comes to fixing ugly and drab bathrooms. We have a very different approach compared to all the other guys out there! Our designers and contractors know what they're doing. Quite frankly, we believe they are the best in the business. We will never fix what doesn’t need fixing. Our team is genius at looking at your space and coming up with a plan to transform it. Typically, no matter how bad you think your bathroom is, we often only really need to fix one of two areas. That is it! Our design team will meet with you and show you how a fresh coat of paint or wallpaper can really step up the design elements of your bathrooms. Add some new towels, towel bars, toilet paper holders and even one of our designer shower rods, and your bathroom is going to look like one of those high design magazine pictures.

Here at Bath Planet, we are extremely proud of our reputation as the bathroom remodeling “go-to” company! In a day or two, we can have your bathroom transformed! Many tell us, they made an effort not to peak during the process. They say they expected their bathroom to look better, but NOT like a beautiful, tranquil retreat! This is what we do and we feel that we do it like no other company!

The reason our process is so streamlined is that we are excellent at problem identification. Don’t fall for those companies that tell you everything needs to go! Let’s say, your bathtub is dull, cracked and full of dirt and mold that you can’t seem to get out. We will recommend one of our high quality replacement bathtubs. Our replacement bathtubs are the best you will find! They are incredibly high quality, durable and shiny! Updating this focal point in your bathroom will really pack a large punch in transforming your space!

Bath Planet Replacement Bathtubs benefits include:
  • Scratch resistant
  • Chip resistant
  • Made from Extremely Thick Acrylic
  • Stain and fade resistant
  • Water stain resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Non porous
  • Custom Designed to fit your Bathroom
  • Lifetime Warranty
We know all of our products are the best you will find so we confidently stand behind them with a Lifetime Warranty. The highest quality products, fair and honest pricing and the best designers and installers in the business. That’s the Bath Planet difference!