Not to be the bearer of bad news, but there is a lot more involved in coming up with master bathroom ideas than Pinterest boards and color swatches…

Of course, picking out photos of your dream bathroom and flipping through design magazines is fun. And it’s easy to get swept up in the prettiness of it all. But there are always those nitty-gritty questions most people forget to ask themselves about a master bathroom remodel before it’s too late.

We don’t want that to be you! So the team at Bath Planet has your back. Let’s get the master bathroom ideas rolling in a smart, efficient way by building your bathroom around your personal needs and wants.

The first question you must ask yourself when redesigning your master bathroom is: what functions does the bathroom need to perform? This is closely tied to who will be using the bathroom, so make sure to consider that too. Different families have different needs — some want a quick way to get clean and get ready, while others want a tranquil retreat where they can unwind from their busy day. Get clear on what role you want your master bathroom to play before you go any further.

Once you know how your bathroom will be used, think about what exactly you’ll need to get you there. Ask things like:

  • Do you want a tub? Shower? Jacuzzi? All of the above?
  • Should the toilet be separate from the rest of the bathroom or included? If multiple people will be using the bathroom at the same time, a separate toilet is a great idea.
  • Do you want one sink or two? If you’re leaning towards two sinks, think about if it’s the extra sink you’re after, or if you just want more counter space.
  • Do you have a window in the bathroom, or do you need to install a ventilation system?
  • After you’ve considered the basics, dig a little deeper into the dreamy details you want to see in your new master bathroom:
  • What type of storage do you want? What items will you need to store in the bathroom? What would be convenient to have in there?
  • How many mirrors (and in which spots) do you want?
  • Do you want to incorporate any sound systems or flat screens?
  • What type of showerhead would be best? Overhead? Hand-held? Wall-mounted? Multiple showerheads?
  • What sort of luxury features (if any) do you want to include? Heated tiles? Fog-free mirrors? A small closet to hold pajamas, slippers, and bathrobes? His and hers towel racks? A sitting area?
The final question to ask yourself when you’re considering master bathroom ideas is: where do I see myself in 5-10 years? Will your needs be the same? Will you need aging-in-place solutions down the road? Will you be moving to a new home? Things like aging-in-place solutions and design that appeals to potential buyers are very important to think about now, when you’re starting your redesign.

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So what are you waiting for?