As far as home improvements go, bathroom remodeling has changed significantly. Twenty or more years ago, no one really touched their bathrooms. Back then, it was terribly inconvenient, time consuming and ridiculously expensive. We here at Bath Planet have changed the bathroom remodeling industry for the better. That’s IF you choose us here at Bath Planet!

No matter what is the “problem” in your bathroom, we can help you fix it! Whether it’s your tub, shower walls, shower base, whatever, we have a beautiful, high quality and durable solution. Our products are all made from a durable acrylic that will shine for years to come. No matter what product your bathroom is in need of you will absolutely love your end result. Many of our satisfied customers tell us, they knew that bathroom remodeling was the answer for their bathroom. They were excited to finally be rid of their mold, grit and grime that they could never seem to do anything about! What they didn’t expect was the bathroom that they ended up with when our designers and contractors finished.

You see, what many homeowners don’t realize is that by addressing the problem area in their bathroom, it can pack such a huge punch! Our designers and contractors will meet with you and identify the problem. Give you their plan to update it and then our designers will walk you through their ideas for giving your bathroom a fresh new style that speaks to you! You would be surprised at how much new designer paint, towels, a large colorful vase or other decorative pieces will really start pulling your bathroom together. You will love spending time in your new bathroom! We are your partners from the minute you make that phone call until the minute you see your new bathroom. Many tell us, their bathroom remodeling project with Bath Planet was the best home improvement experience they’ve ever had! We can give you that same experience! We’re fast, we’re affordable and we do out of this world work. That’s why we’re called Bath Planet!