So many bathrooms, so many ugly bathtubs! Many people leave their ugly, cracked, and moldy bathtubs “as is” because they fear that fooling with their bathtub is going to be extremely inconvenient. Years ago, updating your bathtub was a huge undertaking. The good news is that a lot has changed in the bathroom remodeling industry and if you have an old and unattractive bathtub, we here at Bath Planet can help!

Here at Bath Planet, we are experts at giving homeowners their bathrooms back! Our team of talented designers and contractors will come in and take a look at your space. We will then give you our recommendation for fixing what is holding your bathroom back! If your bathtub is the eyesore in the room, we will simply recommend one of our shiny and sparkly replacement bathtubs. When we are done, you will want to keep your shower curtain open to show off your new, gorgeous tub.

Here at Bath Planet, we are extremely proud of our reputation as one of the trusted and respected leaders in the bathroom remodeling industry. We’ve earned our name by refusing to carry average products. Instead, we only carry products that are extremely high quality and built to last! Our replacement bathtubs are so top notch we proudly stand behind them with a lifetime warranty. That’s how confident we are! Bathtubs act as a focal point in your bathroom. If they are ugly, your bathroom will look ugly. It’s simple and we can help.

Benefits of Bath Planet replacement bathtubs include:

  • Chip resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Stain and fade resistant
  • A Snap to Keep Clean
  • Made from Extremely Thick Acrylic
  • Non-porous
  • Custom Designed to fit your Bathroom
  • Lifetime Warranty
Stop living with an ugly bathtub. It’s holding your entire bathroom back! We can help you solve your bathroom woes in one or two days! That’s all it takes to transform your bathtub into a relaxing and gorgeous focal point. With Bath Planet you get the highest quality products, fair and honest prices and top notch installers. It’s a simple way of doing business that will never change for us. That’s the Bath Planet promise.