It’s a fact. We are living longer but that doesn’t mean that health issues are not affecting us or those we love. Having said this, it’s important to know that if you or a loved one is suffering from mobility issues, you HAVE options. Not just having to sell your house and move to a nursing home. Not anymore. You have options like staying in the comforts of your home and investing in one of our life changing, Bath Planet tub-to-shower conversions. You see, if you are dealing with mobility issues, stepping into a traditional bathtub is difficult or impossible. It’s also extremely dangerous!

We here at Bath Planet can help! We are proud of our trusted reputation as a leader in the bathroom remodeling industry. We are also proud of our growing reputation as a company that cares about our population who suffers from mobility issues and offers solutions. We are deeply committed to giving those suffering from mobility challenges BACK their bathing independence! We offer the smartest and highest quality products at fair and honest prices. We want you or your loved one to know that just because you have mobility issues doers not mean that your bathing independence will be compromised. One of our high quality tub-to-shower conversions is the answer you’ve been praying for!

No matter which style and model you choose, in one or two days, we can install one of our tub-to-shower conversions and your fear from falling will be instantly eliminated. Instead of trying to step into your traditional bathtub, you will now open your shower door and walk inside. No more balancing and no more risking an accident. Bathrooms are after all, the number one place where all household accidents occur. They’re foggy and slippery and if you suffer from mobility issues this is a dangerous combination. In one to two days, our contractors will take out your old bathtub and convert it into a much safer shower. This change will mean that you or your loved one can independently, safely and confidently take a shower. With a slip resistant floor, grab bars, built-in shower seat, and only a 3-5 inch step. Our product is high quality and affordable. In one or two days, you can confidently and safely take a shower, on your own! Our customers tell us our product changed their lives! We would love nothing more than to do the same for you! High quality, life changing products at an affordable price. That's the Bath Planet difference.