If your bathtub just sits in your home unused, it just doesn’t make sense to keep it. We here at Bath Planet have your convenient and affordable bath-to-shower solution. Our tub-to-shower conversion is one of our most popular services. It’s perfect for those who never use their bathtubs and really would love more space in the bathrooms. It’s also a convenient solution for those who suffer from mobility issues. Those dealing with mobility issues typically find it troublesome getting in and out of a traditional bathtub. It requires that you balance on one foot just to get in and out; a difficult task for those who are mobility challenged.

Our tub-to-shower conversion will give back your bathing impendence in one day. We can transform your tub into a low step-in shower and have it fit in the exact same space. This means less hassle and less construction that can give you a gorgeous new shower in as little as one day. Many of our satisfied customers tell us that our product has changed their lives. When their mobility issues first started to come about, they immediately feared the worst. They believed they were going to have to move to a nursing or assisted living center because they couldn’t get in and out of their tub by themselves. We here at Bath Planet have helped so many keep their independent lifestyle intact. Our tub-to-shower conversion is your solution to bathing independence, just open the shower door and step inside. You will be able to take a relaxing shower anytime of the day whenever you feel like it and in the comforts of your own home without a caregiver!

Our product will provide you with a large, luxurious shower space that won’t peel, crack, fade or chip. We also offer a wide variety of shower designs that fit almost all bathtub openings. Plus, we custom-fit our shower designs for a perfect water tight seal. We only use the highest quality materials including a durable acrylic that naturally resists mold and mildew growth. This not only helps improve your health but it makes cleaning a snap! We know our bath products are among the best in the industry, which is why we proudly offer a limited lifetime warranty on our bath and shower systems. Bath Planet has also earned the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal! Providing out of this world service at down to earth prices, that’s the Bath Planet difference!