If you’re planning to remodel your shower, congratulations! This is an excellent first step toward a more comfortable, easy-to-clean, and attractive bathing environment. But before you start dreaming of wall colors, ornamental towel bars, and lux metallic detailing…you need to decide which type of shower installation is right for you.

If you’d like some expert shower remodeling guidance, read on! We’ll cover the major styles to help you narrow down the ideal shower installation for you and your loved ones.

1. Tub-Shower Combo

One of the most common types of shower in homes across the United States, a tub-shower combo is just as the name sounds. This feature combines a tub with a shower in the same unit, giving you the flexibility to use it like a shower or a bathtub.

Great For:

  • Families with young children who need help in the bath
  • Homes with just one bathroom
  • Households that share bathrooms

2. Walk-in Shower

A walk-in shower is built with a very low step-over threshold, usually just a matter of inches tall. It’s low enough to prevent strain and reduce the chance of physical injury while entering, but it cannot be entered directly from a wheelchair.

Great For:

  • People with limited mobility
  • Making small bathrooms feel larger and more open
  • Households who want to age in place

3. Roll-in Shower

Whereas a walk-in shower has a very low lip on the base, a roll-in shower is truly a barrier-free shower. The shower floor or pan is angled slightly downward so that water can drain properly without the need for any kind of bottom container.

Great For:

  • People with limited mobility who use a walker or wheelchair
  • Making small bathrooms feel larger
  • Modern, open design aesthetics
  • Households who want to age in place

4. Neo-Angle Shower

Often called a corner shower, a neo-angle shower is installed into the corner of your bathroom, where two solid walls already sit. By taking advantage of existing structural elements, neo-angle showers are often quick and affordable to install compared to their more challenging counterparts.

Great For:

  • Small bathrooms
  • Adding a completely new shower installation to an existing bathroom
  • Families that don’t want to waste space on a tub

Ultimately, the best shower for your home will come down to how much space you have, what your budget is, and what your normal bathing preferences are. For more individualized help choosing your next shower remodeling style, reach out to Bath Planet today!

We’d be happy to help you design your dream shower installation and then have it installed and ready to use in as little as one day. Call us for more information on our Good Housekeeping-approved showers, or use our online form to request your free, no-obligation consultation from a Bath Planet dealer near you.