Our expert bathroom remodelers at Bath Planet are excited to show you how you can uniquely stylize your bathroom with a few simple accents. Bath Planet is a BBB-accredited bathroom remodeling company that has received an A+ rating, because our top-of-the-line products and experienced team members understand how to give your bathroom optimal functionality and visual appeal.

Today, we’ll discuss how some of our top-rated bathroom products can be implemented in your bathroom to enhance your bathroom’s style. Everyone deserves to have a bathroom that makes them feel pampered and clean, which is what these products will offer.

Get the Look of Ceramic Tile Walls Without the Mess

Bath Planet offers simulated tile wall patterns that look just like ceramic, but these are much easier to keep clean. Ceramic tile can be very high-maintenance, but simulated acrylic tile gives your bath and shower walls a clean, poreless look. Not to mention, our simulated tile walls can be used with most of our wall colors, so you’ll really get a customized look.

We offer simulated tile walls in numerous patterns, including:

  • 4” X 4” Simulated Slate Tile System
  • 6” X 6” Simulated Slate Tile System
  • 8” X 10” Simulated Slate Tile System
  • 12” X 12” Simulated Slate Tile System
  • Subway Simulated Slate Tile System
  • Diamond Simulated Slate Tile System
  • Windmill Simulated Slate Tile System

This Accent Trim Accentuates Both Smooth and Patterned Walls

If you would like to accentuate the walls of your shower or bath with gorgeous wall trim, Bath Planet has the Sante Fe Listello Accent Trim. This accent trim, which runs horizontally along your bath or shower walls, offers a gorgeous diamond pattern. This wall trim works great with both smooth and patterned walls, because our Sante Fe Listello pattern is a classic interruptive look that infuses a nice horizontal pattern into the bathing area.

Wainscoting Lends Style to Walls Outside the Bath

What about the walls outside of your shower or bath? We know you’ll want to customize your other bathroom walls, which is why offer wainscoting. Wainscoting gives your bathroom walls an elegant, classic, beadboard pattern. Plus, all wainscot matches your bathing area wall system perfectly. With the versatility of our patterns, there is sure to be one that fits your unique style!

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